What is
Profile Wrapping | Foil Wrapping | Profile Laminating?

Luxurious, Weatherproof,
Durable, Zero Maintenance,
Foil Wrapped Windows & Doors

The Possibilities are Endless…

Profile wrapping is the “art” of applying a decorative material (foil, film, laminate) to the outside of any uniform lineal shape. The profile or substate can be made from any material that is consistent in shape, such as a piece of molding or PVC extrusion. We can wrap around all of the profile or just a part of it. Unlike panel laminating, profile laminating allows the wrapping of very intricate shapes with curves and angles.

Profile Materials Wrapping Materials Applications
Finger Joined Pine Genuine Wood Veneer PVC Window
MDF Wood Simulant Vinyl PVC Fence
Aluminum Extrusion Stainable Vinyl wrap Crown Molding
PVC Extrusion Coated Papers Parapet Molding
Fiberglass Pulltrusion Metallic Foil Hot Tub Siding
Crown Molding Decorative Print Film Barn Siding
Baseboard Embosses Textured Film Garage Door Facia