The experts at DMOC have been providing decorative solutions to a variety of industries since 2000. Profile wrapping, also known as foil wrapping and profile laminating, can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Using the most proven methods, DMOC offers a wide selection of decorative wrapping materials to choose from. We specialize in applying acrylic exterior laminates as well as real wood veneers, paper veneer products, and paintable, stainable veneers to any profile.

The first step of profile laminating is slitting the wrapping material. We use large format Voorwood Slitter Rewinders to slit the material to your laminating requirements. We are happy to provide slitting services for you independently of profile wrapping.


We use Barberan profile wrapping equipment and Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesives. This type of glue fulfills the highest requirements for temperature and lamination standards. Simply put it will never delaminate. Once correctly bonded, the cross linking between the components will not fail.

Together with the right equipment, but more more importantly the right people and quality suppliers your profile wrapping needs are covered!